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Digital Brokerage Solution

With ease, dispatchers can access stream, integrate their business, driver and carrier network. cargo carriage users can communicate with their clients, manage their carrier network. With stream, dispatchers can create shipments for their clients, and outsource shipments to their carrier and driver network. Streamline solutions to manage business accounts, network of carriers from quoting, booking, tracing, and invoicing.

Manage Quotations, Document Creation

Provide Tracing Updates

Account for Landed Cost on Shipments

Streamlined Features

Users can manage privacy and access controls of business and carrier users integrate onto stream. Dispatchers can connect carriers to their network, controlling user access permissions and managing shipments.

Single Window Interface

Manage carrier services through a single window interface. Create a shipment, and integrate as many cargo carriers to orchestrate shipments from origin to destination.

Create International Shipments

Integrate Logistics Users

Receive Quotations and Proposals

Start Shipment Bookings

Manage Tracing Updates

Calculate Total Landed Costs

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Carrier Management

Connect with carriers to expand business client accounts, network with reliable freight forwarders, freight brokers, customs brokers, and trade advisors to get the information required to manage logistics for clients.

Create Shipments

Connect With Service Providers

Upload and Create Shipping Documents

Calculate Total Landed Costs

Track and Trace Status Updates

Remit International Payments

Streamlined logistics networking tool, designed for independent professionals in the trade and logistics industry.